Custom Orthotics

Why do I need foot orthotics? Foot orthotics compensate for factors that lessen the foot’s ability to function normally. It can also decrease foot fatigue by relieving pressure points.

There are two types of foot orthotics: custom-fabricated and pre-fabricated orthotics. Custom-fabricated orthotics are created specifically for an individual by a cast of the foot. A custom made device can be made of different materials to accommodate varying foot ailments and shoes. It can also be rigid, semi-rigid or flexible. Pre-fabricated orthotic products are mass-produced.

A foot orthotic can only achieve its goal when working in conjunction with the appropriate shoes. Not all shoes types or styles are suitable for an orthotic. At The Shoe Fits, we will help you select appropriate footwear for your orthotics and your lifestyle. Please contact us to see our professionals.